UC Database

Documentation for the usage of the Database contact source

Applicable to version 1.5.0 and above Unified Contacts Pro & Community Edition only

With Unified Contacts 1.5.0 and later you can fill the internal database (UC Database) with contacts from anywhere which can be searched by each of your users.

To fill the database you need to insert your contacts in a specific schema as described below. We also provide a RESTful API for CRUD operations on Database contacts.

We provide two detailed examples in our documentation on how to add contacts to the UC Database leveraging

UC Database Documentation

The following documentation explains where to find the UC Database and how the Contacts table is structured.

Database Location

The UC Database (DB) can be found in the resource group in which Unified Contacts Pro was deployed.

If you did not choose a custom name when installing Unified Contacts Pro, the DB-Server is called db-uc- followed by 13 digits and numbers, the DB itself is calledsql-db by default.

To access the DB you will need the user and password you have set when installing Unified Contacts.

Database Contacts Structure

Only alter tables that have the prefix UnifiedContactsCustom. Only alter the content, NEVER change the table schema. Changing data in an unsupported way may degrade or even break Unified Contacts functionality.

Database Contacts are stored in the UnifiedContactsCustom.Contacts Table. You can change the content of this table as you like but DO NOT change the table's schema definition.

Schema Definition

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