The subscription for Unified Contacts is user-based.

User definition

The subscription of a "user" is required for each user, who or whose device is enabled to use Unified Contacts.

In many cases the required number of Unified Contacts users equals the amount of Microsoft Teams subscriptions you have in your tenant.

The minimum amount of users that can be subscribed for one organization is 100.

A user subscription is bound to a single user for at least one calendar month and cannot be shared with other users.

Device limits per user

One single User may be assigned to up to

  • five stationary devices (PC, laptop) and

  • five mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet).

Subscription scope

A Unified Contacts subscription may be used for the clients and users of one organization.

It is not allowed to

  • Use one Unified Contacts subscription for multiple organizations

  • Split one Unified Contacts subscription and/or re-sell it to multiple organizations

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