Release Channels

We offer Unified Contacts Pro in different release channels, allowing you to deploy the latest stable version to your production environment, while giving you access to preview or even experimental features at an early stage in your lab/staging environment.

To switch from the default release channel "stable", open the Unified Contacts backend, navigate to the "Update" tab and select the desired release channel. To complete the switch, you must go through the Update Procedure described above.

Please find below an overview of the different release channels:

Release ChannelDescription


Officially released and publicly tested (through nightly and preview users) stable version of Unified Contacts.

Updated last - Fully supported

Recommended for production environments.


Small scale tested version.

Updated second - Limited Support

Recommended for users & admins that want to get updates early and can cope with rare bugs.


Fast release version.

WARNING: Bugs may occur - Updated first - No support

Recommended only for brave admins & users who always want to see the new features first and can cope with potential bugs.

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