Updating to Unified Contacts Pro 1.5.0

If you are updating from a version lower than 1.5.0 or you used the UnifiedContactPS Module with a version lower than 1.1.0 to initially install Unified Contacts Pro, you need to follow this Guide if you are planning to use the REST API for Creating/Updating/Deleting or accessing Contact information.


After following the steps below you will be able to follow the Authentication steps outlined int the CRUD operations with REST API documentation. In this guide we will Configure your Admin AppRegistration to expose the Role necessary to Authenticate against the Unified Contacts REST API.


  1. Open Azure Portal and search for "App registrations" or click here.

  2. Search for the Admin App registration of Unified contacts. If you haven't configured a custom naming during installation the App registration is named"'admin-app-reg-uc-<13 digit random numbers and letters>".

  3. Click on Expose an API and select Add on the Application ID URI. Then click "Save". Note: If you already have an Application ID URI, just skip this step.

  4. Click on "App roles" then on "Create app rol"' and fill out the side pannel as follows and subsequently click "Apply":

    • Display name: Contacts.Database.ReadWrite.All

    • Allowed member types: Applications

    • Value: Contacts.Database.ReadWrite.All

    • Description: Allows to read and write (create, update, delete) database contacts.

    • Do you want to enable this app role?: Yes

After you have completed those steps you can continue with the CRUD operations with REST API documentation.

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